What's that protocol?

What's that protocol?

Sep 01, 2006

Pam Weakley
Q. I work in a new practice and everyone is used to different protocols. How can we get on the same page?

Ask your manager to plan a roundtable discussion with your team, suggests Pam Weakley, a Firstline board member and the practice manager at Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic in Battle Creek, Mich. "You want an open discussion where everyone shares the reasons behind the procedures they use," she says. "The goal is to come to a meeting of the minds and establish a protocol everyone feels comfortable with."

A few ground rules: First, start small. You may only be able to discuss one or two protocols at each meeting, Weakley says. Plan a time when you won't be interrupted, and make sure it's an open forum where everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinions.

"Once you agree on some protocols, create a procedures manual," Weakley says. "By putting your plan in writing, everyone remembers what you've decided. And new employees can refer to the manual if they have questions."