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The dvm360 Leadership Challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Hack your (veterinary) life - Aug 05, 2016

You've probably heard the term "lifehack." Here's why it's relevant to your life as a veterinary professional. (With an educational grant provided by Boehringer Ingelheim) ...

Firstline update

Client handout: The essence of a reverse sneeze

Aug 24, 2016

Have veterinary clients alarmed by this clinical sign? Alleviate their fears with this handout.

!oohcA Your best reverse sneeze impressions

Aug 24, 2016

Don't be ashamed! It's all in the name of educating veterinary clients.

Feisty felines: Bringing up the behaviorally challenging kitten

Aug 20, 2016

Here's a quick look at why you should talk to cat owners about kitten behavior.

Pain management and profit: Heal the hurt

Aug 20, 2016

Great pain management isn't limited to specialty and referral practices—you can do it!

Night flight: Pigeons as art

Aug 19, 2016

Pigeons—although domesticated for thousands of years—are often considered a big-city nuisance. ("Rats with wings," anyone?) But by combining nature and technology, one artist sees them as far more.