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The dvm360 Leadership Challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Toxic Teams - Jan 23, 2017

Can't we all just get along? (And what do you do when the answer is no?) This dvm360 Leadership Challenge investigates the sources of this poison and offers commentary, data and solutions to help teams dismantle their destructive forces. ...

Firstline update

CVC Virginia Beach: Step up …

Apr 25, 2017

To your next set of skills. To next-level career opportunities. To the path back to that "I'm new in veterinary practice" excitement. Seriously. Let's do this.

The Pizza Principle

Apr 24, 2017

Here's what pizza can teach you about appreciating your veterinary practice managers and owners.

Stop the perpetual otitis resurgence

Apr 21, 2017

Two veterinary client communication tips to tip the scales of a long-term healthy ear in your favor.

Fear Free, high value continuing education? #skeptical

Apr 18, 2017

I didn't believe a lower stress approach could make a difference in our veterinary practice … until CVC made a convert of our assistant manager. Here's what we've learned in the process (and how my skepticism has turned to genuine appreciation).

Your Career: Plan B

Apr 19, 2017

Here's help dreaming up your next great career in veterinary medicine.