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dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Fear Free

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 04, 2014

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Firstline update

Nutrition myths: How veterinary technicians can bite back with facts

Sep 09, 2014

Ann Wortinger, LVT, VTS (nutrition), serves up nutrition facts on gluten-free, raw and other marketed diets and dishes advice for team members who want to start the nutrition discussion with pet owners. Firstline Editor Portia Stewart interviews.

Brighten your veterinary workday with bingo

Sep 01, 2014

To ease the strain of the not-so-fun part of practice, try front and back office bingo.

Quick tip: Recycle empty pet food sacks

Sep 01, 2014

Use this idea to save money on trash bags and be more environmentally friendly.

VHMA Management Minute: How to handle veterinary team conflict

Sep 01, 2014

Peter Ainslie, CVPM, discusses how to handle conflict in your practice.

Do I tell clients I’m leaving my veterinary practice?

Sep 01, 2014

Q: After helping open the practice and being there nearly every day for seven and a half years, I’m moving on to a new job at a pet resort with some of the same clients. Is it appropriate to leave a note for clients who know me for the team to share after I leave? I’m leaving in good standing.