Trust me, you can boost client compliance

Trust me, you can boost client compliance

Free Web seminar with Brakke consultant Dr. Christine Merle provides the key to getting pet owners on board with complete care.
May 28, 2009
By staff

The veterinarians and team members at your practice work tirelessly to keep pets healthy. Then clients come in and sabotage your efforts by ignoring the best-care recommendations. Why don't these pet owners follow through? Maybe they're callous or cheap—or maybe you and your team members have failed to reach them where it counts. In short, maybe they don't trust you.

Sure, they understand that your whole practice team is knowledgeable and dedicated. But no matter how much you have their pets' interests at heart, they won't comply with your recommendations until you've won their trust. This is no easy feat. You must approach each client interaction individually, customizing your communications to the person in front of you. You must build a special bond with each client. And you must make sure they realize how every treatment and service benefits them and their pets.

Just how do you accomplish all this? Start by registering for the free, one-hour Web presentation called "Getting Clients on Board with Complete Care" with Dr. Christine Merle, MBA, CVPM. The program is part of the MerialEDU team meeetings series, powered by Firstline. The live presentation, held at 1 p.m. CT on June 17, allows your whole team—receptionists, technicians, assistants, practice managers, and veterinarians—to hear Dr. Merle's advice for building trust with clients. You'll also enjoy the chance to ask questions during an interactive Q&A time. Sign up today for the free Web seminar by visiting

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