Sample script: Associate woes

Sample script: Associate woes

Sep 01, 2007

You're the practice manager at a mid-sized clinic. When the stress index is high, one of the associates snaps at team members. Several team members have complained, and a few have threatened to quit. You're ready to discuss the problem with Dr. Sweet, the associate. Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member Pam Weakley offers this sample script:

You: Dr. Sweet, recently, several team members have mentioned you've been abrupt and they've felt uncomfortable working with you.

Dr. Sweet: Oh, well, I was just having a bad day.

You: I understand we all have off days. And we're all working toward the same goals here.

Dr. Sweet: The truth is, I'm a little upset because I don't think team members show me any respect.

You: If you treat team members respectfully, I believe they'll follow your lead. And I'll ask our team members to do the same. Will you give it a try?

Dr. Sweet: Yes.

You: Great! Let's plan to talk again in a week and see how it's going.