Lost doc: $500 reward

Jan 01, 2007

With six exam rooms, it could be difficult for the team at Nassau Veterinary Clinic in Nassau, N.Y., to keep track of which doctors are in each room. "That's why we devised a system to make it easy to tell who's where," says Krissy Van Buren, LVT. First, they numbered the exam rooms from one to six. When a client and patient go into exam room 1, for example, they pull out the numbered room marker for room 1. Then they attach the names of the doctor, technician, and assistant assigned to the client on the room marker. The markers with the doctors' assigned rooms are posted above the board, so they always know which room to go to next. "When the doctor enters the room, we hang the numbered marker on a hook so we know the doctor's in the exam room working with the client," Van Buren says.