Four-week practice schedule for coachable player

Four-week practice schedule for coachable player

An important trait of coachable players is their willingness to practice to improve their performance. So here are some exercises you can practice to develop yourself as a coachable team member:
Sep 01, 2013
By staff

Week one: Start by noticing the automatic ways you listen to people around you. At this point, don't do anything with the way you listen; just notice it. Some of the common, automatic ways of listening are:

> Listening for agreement or disagreement

> Listening to judge the merit of the conversation

> Listening for who's right and who's wrong

> Listening for someone to take a breath so you can say your piece.

Also, take time to notice how other people are listening to what you say.

Weeks two and three: Pick two people in your life that you are interested in developing a coaching relationship with. It might be one person at your job and another one in some aspect of your personal life. Ask one of them to coach you the first week in a specific area that you are weak in or that you realize your performance could be strengthened. For example, at work it might be in a technical part of your job, or it might be in how to get along better with difficult clients or other team members.

The next week, pick a new person to coach you in a new area. Notice the different styles and ways people coach. Pick people you admire and respect and who, in your estimation, are competent in the area you are requesting coaching.

Week four: Make a public declaration either at home or at work that for the next week you're committed to being open and available to coaching from everyone in that environment. Play with it and have fun. Notice how many people are dying to contribute to you. Imagine the difference in your personal development by being open to everyone's contribution in your life.