Don't make these mistakes on your veterinary practice's social media feeds

Don't make these mistakes on your veterinary practice's social media feeds

Check out the four biggest media business flops of the last few years—and pause to think before you tweet.
Dec 01, 2013

In some ways, social media is like the mirror, mirror on the wall. It can tell the whole world just how glamorous your business really is. But what happens when the image it reflects isn't as flattering as you'd hoped? Consider this countdown of posting blunders that got ugly.

4. Humble pie

When owners of Amy's Baking Company went on Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" show, it got hot in the kitchen. In addition to the fiery on air exchanges between Ramsay and the restaurateurs, the show aired footage that made the owners seem downright nutty. They took to social media sites to explain—or rather hysterically rant—their side of the story. The couple's postings went viral and caused an enormous backlash, forcing the restaurant to close for several days.

3. Post politics

There are many stories about employees accidently posting their personal views on company social media sites. That's what happened when a Kitchen Aid employee discussed his negative opinion of President Obama. This accident cost the tweeter his job and proved to be a mess for Kitchen Aid that took weeks to clean up.

2. McMayhem

In 2012 McDonalds asked customers to post their stories about McDonalds using the hashtag #mcdstories. And customers came through. In just two hours, there were more tales of unhealthy food and bad service than calories in a Big Mac. This tweet proved to be the real fat in the fryer.


Imagine one manager's surprise when her veterinarian turned in her notice ... on Facebook! It was against company policy and TMI for this DVM's online followers. The resulting swirl of online traffic had prospective employers gasping OMG.

Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, is a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member and co-owner of Halow Tassava Consulting.