Deck your walls

Aug 01, 2006

Looking for some art to fill those empty walls? Check your mailbox! You probably receive a wealth of great artwork from clients every month, says Cheryl Dyer, practice manager at Noah's Ark Animal Clinic in Kansas City, Mo. When patients recover from a serious illness, their pet parents often send a note of thanks with a picture to the practice. Dyer says they frame these photos and hang them in the practice's front lobby.

What do you do if you don't have enough pictures from clients? Easy, says Dyer. Take your own. For example, around Halloween, team members dressed their boarders and visitors in Halloween costumes and took pictures. Then they made a collage.

"We want the practice to be cute and homey," Dyer says. "Clients should feel comfortable here, and using their pets' photos as art helps us accomplish that goal."