British cat gets first feline total knee replacement

British cat gets first feline total knee replacement

A new artificial knee—the world's first in a cat—saves a feline life.
Jan 25, 2010
By staff

Missy, an 8-year-old cat in appropriately named Petworth, West Sussex, learned her worth in a dramatic fashion. She has received the world's first feline artificial knee, according to an article in the Telegraph.

After being hit by a car, Missy hid in a bush for two days until her owner heard her cries. The accident left her with one hindlimb broken in eight places and the other crippled by a dislocated knee. Because her other leg was so badly broken, an artificial knee or euthanasia were the only options, says the veterinarian who performed the operation, Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick.

Dr. Fitzpatrick took two and a half hours to remove the damaged tissue and place a total knee replacement implant that was custom-designed for Missy. The implant was bonded to her thigh and shin bones, creating a hinge mechanism to replace the knee ligaments that had been shredded.

Missy should soon be back on her feet and ready to roam, new knee and all.