BizQuiz: Are you a great employee?

BizQuiz: Are you a great employee?

Feb 11, 2010
By staff
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If you’re looking for better bosses, better coworkers, and better clients, why not turn some of that dissatisfaction into some inspirational self-improvement? This quiz explores the important traits of great employees. Find out if you’re an indispensable employee, an adequate assistant, or a terrible team member. (Hint: We know you’re not terrible—you’re reading about improving your veterinary career on!)

1) How do you dress for work?

A: Ironed, crisp and clean scrubs.
B: Casual scrubs or jeans. I handle pets after all.
C: What I grabbed first out of the closet on my way out the door.

2) If you’re asked to do a task that you don’t know how to do, you ...

A: Let your superior know you don’t have the experience but are eager to learn.
B: Stumble your way through the task, hoping to figure it out.
C: Complain that you’re always being asked to do things you haven’t been trained to do.

3) You find yourself with a few free minutes and you noticed one of the cages is dirty. It’s not your job to clean cages, so you ...

A: Clean it anyway.
B: Let someone know it’s dirty.
C: Expect someone else to notice.

4) One of the doctors is using medical terminology you don’t understand, and you’re having a hard time explaining medical issues to clients. You ...

A: Speak to the doctor.
B: Struggle to learn more medical terminology.
C: Gripe to co-workers, and avoid working shifts with that doctor.

5) Your personal life is a topic of conversation ...

A: Sometimes.
B: Never.
C: All the time.

6) When you’ve got too much to do, you ...

A: Tackle what you can, and talk to the boss if you become too overwhelmed.
B: Work as hard as you can and go home at quittin’ time.
C: Complain until someone helps.

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