Hey, veterinary team: Act like a team

Hey, veterinary team: Act like a team

Practice owners and staff: Get on the same page. Huddle. Compare notes. Just communicate, would ya?
Jun 01, 2018

What everyone in the clinic is clear about: The goal is helping pets.

What hardly anyone is clear about: Precisely how management plans to accomplish that goal.

Sound familiar? Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, says this disconnect is a problem that divides the veterinary team from management. He says that, though those in charge have a clear picture of how to get the job done, they're not necessarily sharing it.

"They need to talk more about what's going on. There needs to be more communication, more ways to rally people around the task of the day," he says.

Halow says the risk is this:

  1. Veterinary team is caught up and waiting for the next issue to come through the door.
  2. Practice owner, having not shared specific wishes for prep work on an upcoming case, perceives team as idling.
  3. Practice owner blows up.

"What if, rather than that," he says, "we just gathered together and said, 'Alright folks, this is what I think we need to do. Let's map out the next four hours.'"

The shared vision and chance to meet clear-cut goals will be welcomed by everyone in the practice, he says.

Listen to this audio clip to hear more from Bash Halow.

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