Lies and resumes go hand in hand, survey says

Almost half of hiring managers have caught candidates in a fib.
Aug 14, 2008
By staff

The resume is story of professional achievements, but the story may be more fish tale than nonfiction. Almost half of hiring managers reported they've caught candidates lying on their resumes, according to a recent survey of more than 3,100 managers and 8,700 workers.

So if you're involved in hiring for your practice, what should you do when you catch a potential employee in a resume fib? If you agree with 57 percent of the hiring managers who've been lied to, you should automatically dismiss the candidate.

Those of you who are looking for new jobs yourselves should keep it real on your resumes. Even a slight exaggeration could prevent you from landing a job. Case in point: Just 6 percent of managers hired a candidate who they knew had lied on paper, according to the survey.