Ask Amy: Oh, brother! This family practice is driving me nuts!

Ask Amy: Oh, brother! This family practice is driving me nuts!

Jul 01, 2007
By staff

My boss plays favorites, offering special benefits to his wife, children, and friends who work at our practice. As a result, the other team members and myself often do his family's work as well as our own. I've tried to talk to my boss, and he joked that I should quit if I'm unhappy. Should I leave gracefully or try to make things work?


Dear Befuddled,

If you can't change the facts, you may need to change the way you think about the situation. Are you able to look at what's happening in your practice from another perspective?

Your boss probably worries about the personal consequences he will face if he fires his family, so he accepts—and perhaps perpetuates—their behavior. When you approached him with your concern and he told you to leave if you don't like it, he was telling you that things probably aren't going to change.

You've reached the point where it's time to accept the situation or leave. If your frustration outweighs the satisfaction and enrichment you receive from the position, it's time to go. There are many practices with leaders who will appreciate your hard work, energy, and input. This probably isn't that place. I think you know what you need to do.