Your chemical romance

Your chemical romance

3 diagnostic devices that bring sexy back to the in-house veterinary lab.
Sep 07, 2016

Beep! Boop! Whirr! It's the VetScan i-STAT1.1. Star Trek's medical tricorder—for vets

It's as close as you can get to Bones' Starfleet instrument. Abaxis' VetScan i-STAT1 delivers blood gas, electrolyte, chemistry and hematology results in minutes from a few drops of whole blood. It doesn't make that whizzing, whirring sound from the TV show though.

The button and the trim is yellow on the SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer. Don't think we didn't notice that, IDEXX. We did.2. Pee joke in 3...2...1...

Just kidding. We got those all out of our system. Instead, let's be impressed with IDEXX's SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer, which takes four to five drops of fresh urine and identifies and classifies elements (crystals, anyone?) you probably wouldn't see with a microscope. See what we mean at

Can you handle that stylish handle on the VetStat Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer? See what we did there?3. Pass the gas

Does IDEXX's VetStat Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer have a handle? That looks like a handle. So, this one assesses electrolytes, acid-base balance, ventilation, oxygenation, ionized calcium, glucose, anion gap, base excess and bicarbonate ... and you can take your work home with you. But don't do that. There are laws against that, we're pretty sure.

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