Top 5 ways to start brushing a dog’s teeth (really!)

Top 5 ways to start brushing a dog’s teeth (really!)

Wouldn’t it be awesome to help clients keep their promise to keep Bella’s pearly whites sparkling? Elsa, an 11-month-old Dalmatian, demonstrates how you can teach pet owners to start a tooth-brushing routine.

When pet owners say they just don’t know where to start when it comes to brushing Bella’s or Baxter’s teeth, suggest these easy (and fun!) first steps (with gifs!).

1. Place dog toothpaste on your finger. 

Let the dog lick it as you gently introduce your finger into her mouth. 

Rub and massage the gums. 

2. Place dog toothpaste on a cotton-tipped swab and rub along the gum line in small dogs.

3. Use a wet washcloth, soaked in chicken or beef broth, to massage the teeth and gums.

4. Use rubber toys, such as Kongs. Apply dog toothpaste to the surface or grooves and encourage your dog to chew on them.

5. Offer hard, crunchy treats, such as carrots, apples or rice cakes. These are natural toothbrushes that will help keep the teeth clean and massage the gums.

While nothing works as good as a toothbrush, there are always alternatives. If the dog doesn’t like the taste of toothpaste, you can just use water. 

Editor's note: Want this as a client handout? Done.