Strong flea control recommendations

Apr 01, 2006

Q: How can I convince our clients that their pets need flea and tick control?

Gina Toman
"I always begin by explaining that parasite prevention is important for pets' health," says Gina Toman, a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member and a veterinary assistant at Seaside Animal Care in Calabash, N.C. "For example, I'll say, 'Mrs. Smith, I know how much you love Scooter, and using flea and tick preventives will not only keep Scooter comfortable, it will also protect him from potentially dangerous parasites and the diseases they carry.'"

It also helps, Toman says, to remind clients that flea and tick preventives are easy to use and to demonstrate how to administer the product your team recommends. When clients see how easy the product is to use, they're more likely to use it at home. "Also let clients know that you offer the same care for your pets," Toman suggests. "This creates a bond of trust between you and your clients."