Quick quiz: How much do you know about osteoarthritis?

Quick quiz: How much do you know about osteoarthritis?

Make sure you know the difference between myths and facts about osteoarthritis in pets.
Dec 04, 2014
By dvm360.com staff

What do you—and your clients—know about osteoarthritis in pets? Review this quick list of comments and see if you can separate myths from facts: 

Statement 1. "Only dogs get osteoarthritis." 

Other animals, including cats, can suffer from osteoarthritis.

Statement 2.  "My little dog can't get osteoarthritis." 

Dogs of all breeds may suffer from OA, and large breeds in particular may be profoundly affected by loss of mobility.

Statement 3. "Osteoarthritis is an old dog disease." 

While OA is often identified in middle-aged and older dogs, in some cases the problem has been present since the pet was young.

Statement 4. "My dog doesn't have osteoarthritis. He's just a little lame." Or "My dog is just suffering from growing pains."

 OA in growing dogs is sometimes missed because pet owners and veterinary teams may think of young pets as healthy.

Statement 5. "Osteoarthritis is a death sentence for my pet." 

Early, comprehensive management may help decrease, delay, or avoid the long-term consequences of OA.