People food toxic to pets: Alcohol

People food toxic to pets: Alcohol

May 24, 2010
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What it's in: Alcoholic drinks aside, alcohol can be found in some surprising places. Rum-soaked cakes or candies and dressings containing alcohol may be poisonous to pets. Alcohol is also a major byproduct of ingested yeast-bread dough (see yeast-bread dough).

Threat to pets: Even small amounts of alcohol, especially when ingested by small pets, can cause life-threatening toxicity.

Signs: Alcohol smell on the breath, neurological depression, hypothermia (low body temperature), hypotension (low blood pressure), seizures, and respiratory failure.

Treatment: Administer intravenous dextrose (sugar) and fluids. Warming measures and in-hospital monitoring are also recommended.

Prognosis: Excellent provided the appropriate care is received.

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