Osteoarthritis: Tools to educate pet owners

Osteoarthritis: Tools to educate pet owners

Mar 12, 2013
By dvm360.com staff

Each team member can use tools to teach pet owners about the care they can offer their pets with osteoarthritis.

When pet owners visit your practice, receptionists can pass out the handout, "How Wellness Care Saves Money."

Technicians and veterinary assistants can use the "Senior Wellness Report Card" to create a full picture of the pet's health.

Practice managers can share the articles, "Manage Pets' Pain" and "Take the 'Ouch' Out of Osteoarthritis" to show team members how everyone plays a role in pets' care.

Veterinarians can offer the handout, "Adjusting to Arthritis" when they make a diagnosis of osteoarthritis.