On the job: Rachael Eaker

Jul 01, 2007

Rachael Eaker
Rachael Eaker
Denver, Colo.

One morning, I was stocking the food display in my practice's reception area when something caught my eye. A black-and-white mixed breed dog was waiting impatiently at the front door, and I let her in. Although she looked familiar, she wasn't wearing a collar and tag, and I couldn't identify her.

Our team walked the dog to the back room and scanned her for a microchip. Hoping for a match, we ran the microchip's number through the database. Bingo!

It was Oreo, a dog our practice hadn't seen in more than six months. We were amazed that she'd showed up on our doorstep, and we called her owner to tell her the good news. Minutes later, Oreo's owner arrived, relieved and grateful to be reunited with her beloved pet.

"If it weren't for the microchip, we probably wouldn't have been able to identify her," I told Oreo's owner. She looked at me with a puzzled expression and said, "Oh, the microchip? Those things actually work?"