Invasion of the millennial pet owners

Invasion of the millennial pet owners

May 25, 2016

A recent VHMA Insider’s Insights survey asked practice managers if their practices are seeing a growth in the number of millennial clients using their services. Manager respondents said that, overall, the number of clients in the 35 and under age group is increasing.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are considered the industry standard for connecting with millennials. 

Whether a practice has already seen a shift in demographics, data suggests that the industry is trending toward younger clients. It’s wise to monitor your social media strategies to engage this growing group of pet owners with an effective, honest and authentic approach.

Think you know millennials? Take the quiz here to test your MQ (millennial quotient). 

Christine Shupe, CAE, is the executive director of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association. The association is dedicated to serving professionals in veterinary management through education, certification and networking.