Hide pills inside these tasty treats for cats

Hide pills inside these tasty treats for cats

Choose the right treats to make pilling a cat an easier proposition. Here's a quick snapshot of what might work.

> Deli meat 

> Turkey hotdogs 

> Cheese 

> Tuna or other fish 

> Pill pockets 

You can also use liquid and soft foods to hide the pill inside. It’s important to get the cat so invested in the process of lapping up the food they easily eat the pill without even realizing it. Create a pattern where the kitty licks a spreadable treat, like Kong spray, in a line like pattern with a few random blobs of treat along the line containing more liquid. Hide a pill within the liquid so the cat laps up the line after the blob with the pill. 

If a cat is especially picky, compounding the treat into a tasty flavor is worth the extra cost. 

You can put some medications in a liquid form that is tasteless or has a palatable flavor. Then you can mix it in with canned food. Or, for pills that are are OK to crush—and those that aren't bitter tasting if crushed—you can mix the pill in a liquid or soft food, such as strong tasting broth, like low sodium chicken broth or juice from canned fish, like clam juice or tuna juice. Remember to monitor cats to make sure they've completely ingested the soft food or liquid.