Front Desk Disasters

Front Desk Disasters

Rhonda the receptionist has the best of intentions, but she usually flubs her client interactions.
Sep 23, 2015
By staff

Watch Rhonda's front desk disasters. Then tell us how you'd communicate more effectively to offer high-quality service to clients at your practice. 

Front Desk Disasters, Episode 5: Dazed and confused

Rhonda the receptionist dodges and weaves around a client’s questions about the preanesthetic consent form and gives confusing information. Special Guest Star Mary Berg, BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (dentistry).

Front Desk Disasters, Episode 4: A series of unfortunate events

In a classic client mix up, Rhonda confuses a pet owner who just had his cat euthanized for someone who just adopted a new puppy.

Front Desk Disasters, Episode 3: Dude looks like a lady

Rhonda the receptionist confuses the gender of this gentleman's lady, a precious pooch named Lady.


Front Desk Disasters, Episode 2: Parker the Porker

Rhonda the receptionist means well, but her customer service skills usually hit a sour note with clients.


Front Desk Disasters, Episode 1: Show Me the Money

Check out Rhonda the receptionist's front desk disaster. Then tell us where Rhonda went wrong and what you’d do instead.

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