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Working with patients - technicians

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Dec 01, 2015
Dr. Lisa Radosta puts to rest a persistent myth surrounding an often-tricky veterinary task.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 25, 2015
By staff
It's easy as pie to flub a low-stress veterinary visit, as revealed in this recently discovered low-stress training video from the dvm360 film vault.
Nov 20, 2015
Use these quick low-stress tips for pets who aren't food motivated.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 17, 2015
Can you trick pets into thinking the V-E-T word really means spa? A gentle pet massage might be the first step.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 05, 2015
Just because you recently gave up your teddy doesn’t mean your veterinary patients need to let go of their security item. (And if you still sleep with your blankie, don’t worry. We won’t judge.)
FIRSTLINE: Oct 28, 2015
Cats and dogs—the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice checklist says you gotta keep ’em separated. But that’s easier said than done, am I right? IKEA to the rescue!
FIRSTLINE: Oct 27, 2015
If you build it, cats will come. Use this wooden bench solution for your feline exam room—and never use the “chase-and-net” technique for catching cats again.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 26, 2015
We're all ears to hear this five-step lower stress approach to cleaning a pet's ears in veterinary practice.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 23, 2015
She flies into your veterinary exam room, a whirling fury of claws and teeth. And if you can just get her to chill out, you might get her cat to relax too.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 20, 2015
A new study shows why you need to tame fraidy cats—whether they're people or kitties.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Oct 19, 2015
This author's whirlwind trip began by serving needy pet owners and culminated with the Hero Veterinary Technician award.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 14, 2015
Are you ready for the 12-year-old Yorkie that needs 24 teeth extracted? There’s no cookie-cutter approach in veterinary medicine! Here’s help.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 06, 2015
Mrs. Smith is hypervigilant and Mr. McKinley is laissez faire. Your veterinary team can manage these pet owners' expectations with these five fairly simple steps for more effective home monitoring without the frustration.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 01, 2015
Watch this 51-second video to see how a pheromone station can work to calm visiting cats at your veterinary clinic.
FIRSTLINE: Sep 23, 2015
OK, nothing really beats a box of kittens, but free team training is almost as nice—just a little less furry (and it doesn’t shed).