Womanpower: Recognize super team members

Womanpower: Recognize super team members

Apr 13, 2009
By dvm360.com staff

More women than ever are entering the veterinary profession and a majority of veterinary team members are women. Give these ladies—or the people who helped them succeed—a pat on the back by nominating them for the Distinguished Service Award (DSA). The DSA is part of the Association for Women Veterinarians Foundation’s annual recognition awards and is open to anyone—man or woman, veterinarian or team member.

Worthy applicants are those who put forth special effort or contributions toward advancing and improving the status of women in the veterinary medicine field. Nominations should emphasize involvement with professional groups, state or local associations, veterinary state boards, publications (Want to be in Firstline? Click here.) and so forth.

Nominations can be made my an individual, a professional organization, or an institution and must include:
• Nominee's name, address, and phone number
• The award for which the nomination is made: DSA
• Nominee’s title, practice name and location
• The nominees veterinary-related school and year of graduation, if applicable

Other materials may include, but aren't limited to:
• Biographical sketch including educational background
• List of honors and wards, publications, or other relevant activities
• List of professional, scientific, or service organizations of which the nominee is a member, including offices held or committee assignments

Send four copies of the nomination packet before May 1, 2009 to:
Dr. Chris Stone Payne
32205 Allison Drive
Union City, CA 94587

Click here for more information on the DSA.

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