Why you love your job

What do you love about your job? Read these answers from your colleagues then write your own list.
Oct 01, 2009
By dvm360.com staff
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15. Working with my doctor. She's
the best. She supports us in our individual and group goals.
16. Receiving praise from the veterinarian.
17. Working with doctors who trust my judgment and ask for my ideas and opinions.
18. Feeling like part of the team. Knowing my opinions count, and earning the respect of my co-workers and doctors.
1. Seeing a very ill pet recover and go home.
2. Watching young animals grow.
3. Puppy breath.
4. Recognizing patients and having them recognize me too.
5. Being out and about and seeing pets we've helped doing fine.
6. The love and respect I receive from the animals.
7. The opportunity to give extra love to every pet I meet.
8. Big thank yous from clients for a job well done.
9. Educating clients with thorough pet care.
10. Knowing I've helped keep someone's best friend happy.
11. Happy, healthy animals and satisfied owners.
12. The wonderful clients I've met and established relationships with over the years.
13. Clients who love their pets like I love mine and follow up completely on recommendations.
14. Receiving rave reviews from clients.
Team members
Working with a compassionate
20. Working with people who are friends as well as co-workers.
21. Coaching a happy and productive team.
22. Breaking through with a team member who finally gets it and sees her job as a career.
Growth opportunities
Finding new opportunities to grow with the practice and to develop new skills and knowledge.
24. The sense of accomplishment I feel every day completing small and large tasks.
25. Watching the success and growth of the practice and implementing new technology. All the little details really pay off.
26. The opportunity I have to do what I'm trained for.
27. Being able to use my knowledge to improve an animal's quality of life.