What your tastes say about you

What your tastes say about you

Apr 30, 2009
By dvm360.com staff

Take a quick informal poll among your team.

How many of you knew as a child that you wanted to work with animals?

How many of those same people would reach for ice cream over a hot plate of curry today?

Don't be surprised if you're surrounded by psychic, ice-cream loving individuals. It's no surprise to global market research firm DervalResearch. After surveying 500 people from more than 25 countries, the firm thinks it's found a link between an individual's job and food preference.

Based on the number of taste buds per square centimeter of the tongue—any where from 11 to 1,100 buds—the study separated participants into three categories: super-tasters, medium-tasters, and non-tasters. Super-tasters have the most taste buds and, therefore, are more picky with food, avoiding bitter, sweet, or fatty foods and alcohol. Common super-taster careers include entrepreneurs and ballerinas.

Medium-tasters—how the firm pegged female veterinary professionals—are easier to please. While they're not completely opposed to bitter or spicy food, they prefer sweet tastes. If given the option between a blonde or a dark beer, medium-tasters will choose the blonde.

Non-tasters have the fewest taste buds and can eat practically anything. Spicy, fatty, bitter, or super sweet, they'll gobble it and wash it down with a warm, dark beer. Male veterinary professionals, nurses, and rugby players are typical non-tasters.

So the next time you want to reward your team members for their stellar work performance, remember job and food preference go hand-in-hand. Treat your fellow medium-tasters to ice cream or brownies. And don't worry about the male team members. If the research is right,  they'll enjoy anything you bring to the table.