What clients want

Learn the secrets to keeping pet owners happy.
Aug 01, 2008
By dvm360.com staff

Client complaints
Keeping clients satisfied is one of your top 10 concerns in practice, according to the March 2008 Firstline Reader Assessment survey. And it's easy to see why. After all, happy clients make for a more successful practice. Unfortunately, you don't control all of the reasons clients aren't happy (see Figure 1).

So let's take a look at factors you do control. Clients most commonly grumble their veterinary team's care is too expensive, according to the AVMA Public Perceptions Survey. Even clients who consistently elect the best veterinary care available acknowledge the expense, says Jim Kramer, DVM, CVPM, a partner at Columbus Animal Hospital in Columbus, Neb. "While our clients value the service and care our team provides, they still feel the pinch," he says. "And since they're spending what they perceive to be a lot of money, they expect a lot in return. Your clients must see the value in the care you give. Make it easy for them by adding value, by taking responsibility for outcomes, and by communicating your contributions in the care both they and their animals receive. Ensure clients see real value in visiting your practice by making sure the value is really there," Dr. Kramer says.