(Micro) Team Meeting in a Box: Receptionists rock the front desk

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(Micro) Team Meeting in a Box: Receptionists rock the front desk

Only have a few minutes? Try this (Micro) Team Meeting in a Box to turn your educational team meeting into a quick team building workshop that offers real, instant results for your practice.

This training helps veterinary receptionists—and other members of your veterinary team—answer clients' most common questions when they call or drop in without a pet to ask, "Look, do I really need to bring 'em in?" (Alright, yes, smartypants, the answer is usually "yes," but if you want the pet owner to really believe your receptionist's recommendation, your front-line team members need to be armed to explain why the client needs to come in.)

This Team Meeting in a Box provides all the tools you need to start a conversation about the importance of mental health in your veterinary practice. You'll get a trainer's script, meeting guide, activities and handouts for a thorough team training workshop session.

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