Training and motivation

Saying 'no' to a veterinary pharmaceutical rep

This practice owner puts the kibosh on freebies to his veterinary team. Is that fair?

Get staff buy-in and reduce veterinary team turnover

Staff turnover is a costly waste of your team's time.

VHMA Management Minute: How to handle veterinary team conflict

Peter Ainslie, CVPM, discusses how to handle conflict in your practice.

Don’t hide from veterinary team conflict

Face conflict head-on to build a stronger team.

How to help veterinary team members earn more

Financial success at a veterinary hospital can pay off when it comes to salaries.

Client communication strategies

Client handouts: Spays and neuters in dogs and cats

For surgeries as important as spays and neuters, you and your team should be the primary source of information for pet owners.

Client handout: Caring for your pet after a spay or neuter

Give pet owners these instructions to ensure quick, safe healing after a spay or neuter surgery.

Controlling the spay-neuter conversation

Start showing—and telling—your veterinary clients and community that your high-quality care is what pets need.

Two strategies for bringing more feline patients into your practice

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, DAVBP (feline practice), offers two ways to bring in those feline patients you haven’t seen in ages—or may have never seen.

Get exam room questions right with your veterinary clients

Elicit specific info the right way—especially about preventive care compliance—and you'll get more details and opportunities to educate.