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Training and motivation

Ask Shawn: Help! A good employee smells bad

Get a whiff of this. Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, of McVey Management Solutions in Austin, Texas, tackles the tough topic of a team member with odoriferous emanations. Listen as he sniffs out a solution for a manager who needs help to delicately handle this potentially embarrassing situation with grace and sensitivity.

3 steps to a happier veterinary team

Moods: They set the tone for practice success or failure. Here’s how to hire, and hone, those moods for the better

Veterinary employee theft: The rain on your sunny day

Don’t let theft steal the sunshine from your practice. Find out how to address it when it happens—and steps you can take to deter theft before it occurs.

Vetcetera: Are Hawaiian shirts veterinary-team attire?

Veterinary Economics Editor Brendan Howard seizes this "casual Friday" opportunity to broach the touchy subject of dress codes. Does your veterinary hospital have one?

Vetcetera: Bullied by the "super-tech"

Guest host Dr. Sarah Wooten relates a real life tale of being bullied in the veterinary clinic, and shares expert advice from Sheila Grosdidier, RVT.

Client communication strategies

Get pet food savvy and bring the pet food conversation back to the veterinary clinic

Helping pet owners decipher the often confusing marketing and labeling of pet foods may prevent them from making well meaning, but uneducated nutritional choices in the store aisle.

Veterinary studies suggest oxytocin fosters human-canine bond

Bonding hormone improves cue-taking ability in dogs, researchers assert.

Client handout: The pet food guessing game

Once you get past the marketing and product claims, what are veterinary clients really feeding pets?

Client handout: Forget the packaging, read the ingredient list

Provide veterinary clients with a pet food ingredient cheat sheet to better understand what's in their pets' food.

The Feline Opportunity — How helping more feline patients can help your practice

A free CE webinar presented by Jane E. Brunt, DVM, and compliments of CareCredit