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Training and motivation

3 steps to a happier veterinary team

Moods: They set the tone for practice success or failure. Here’s how to hire, and hone, those moods for the better

Veterinary employee theft: The rain on your sunny day

Don’t let theft steal the sunshine from your practice. Find out how to address it when it happens—and steps you can take to deter theft before it occurs.

Vetcetera: Are Hawaiian shirts veterinary-team attire?

Veterinary Economics Editor Brendan Howard seizes this "casual Friday" opportunity to broach the touchy subject of dress codes. Does your veterinary hospital have one?

Vetcetera: Bullied by the "super-tech"

Guest host Dr. Sarah Wooten relates a real life tale of being bullied in the veterinary clinic, and shares expert advice from Sheila Grosdidier, RVT.

Stop the blame culture at your veterinary practice now

Use these three tips to improve your workday today.

Client communication strategies

Veterinary client's wishes lead to a holistic headache

What is a veterinarian’s obligation when a pet owner insists on natural therapies?

Download this tool to help clients talk to a breeder's veterinarian

Emphasize these 5 things to educate clients on reputable breeders.

Take a stand and educate veterinary clients about breeders

We can't ignore our place in client education and more responsible pet adoption anymore.

Back Office Blunders, Episode 1: Celebrity vaccine recommendations

Disaster strikes during a routine veterinary appointment when the client resists the practice's vaccine recommendations. What would you do?

Work your way backwards to get pet owners in the door

Behavioral event modeling is a fancy business term for thinking about who will pay for a product or service in your veterinary hospital exam room—and thinking about how to get that person there in the first place.