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Practice Manager of the Year

Community teamwork keeps stray pets current on vaccinations

By Julie Steinbeck

Our veterinary hospital works with the city to improve the health of loose pets and vaccinate them before they’re released to their owners—or a new forever home.

The most effective leaders are young, green and right under your nose

By Wesley Taylor

Despite our leadership-obsessed culture, are you looking in the right places to find the next big thing in your veterinary practice? Here's how one practice manager coaxed leadership qualities out of his staff.

Chip in to promote microchipping

By Wesley Taylor

Does the idea of lost pets get under your skin? Our veterinary practice barked up the right tree by offering free microchips at the Barking at the Moon Dog Festival—and created a lasting connection with our community that improved the business and boosted team morale.

Training and motivation

7 reasons you should give away veterinary services

By Krista Magnifico, DVM

Clients don't always have money, but you can still earn in ways other than just that warm feeling of a good deed done.

Do you need an anesthesia tech for dentals?

By staff

If Fred Metzger, DVM, DABVP, can sell you on properly training, paying for and accounting in dental procedure treatment plans for a second technician dedicated to anesthesia, he will.

See red with this veterinary inventory system

By Matthew Kenwright, Assistant Content Specialist

Inventory at your veterinary practice making you angry? Mark Opperman's "red dot and flag" system could make it less of a chore (and more fun for you organization wonks).

Client communication strategies

Ambushed on aisle 1

By Brent Dickinson

You'll see customers when you're out and about. Don't feel like you need to run and hide. Instead, use these tips to streamline these conversations and encourage pet owners to happily schedule appointments during regular business hours.

(Micro) Team Meeting in a Box: Weigh in on Weight

By staff

Spend five minutes at your next team meeting to practice the "weight" conversation—and encourage clients to take the next steps to make healthier feeding choices for their pets.

Managing your time

How paperless practice is like "Free Bird"

By Lori Woods, MBA

One's an innovation, one's a cool song. Both can appeal to baby boomers. Here's how to set the computer-unsavvy free in your veterinary clinic with paperless practice.

Ask Shawn: My workplace is a zoo (really!)

By Shawn G. McVey, MA, MSW

Shawn McVey counsels a veterinary team member who's trying to balance her bosses' high expectations with her lack of resources.

Who should discuss costs with pet owners?

By Dave Nicol, BVMS, Cert. Mgmt MRCVS, Sarah J. Wooten, DVM

Clients' money is serious business, but does the vet need to have this conversation?