Training and motivation

Don’t hide from veterinary team conflict

Face conflict head-on to build a stronger team.

VHMA Management Minute: How to handle veterinary team conflict

Peter Ainslie, CVPM, discusses how to handle conflict in your practice.

How to help veterinary team members earn more

Financial success at a veterinary hospital can pay off when it comes to salaries.

7 steps to eliminate the backstabbing in your veterinary practice

Take the scalpel out of your team’s back and put everyone back to work doing the job they love—helping animals.

3 ways to give a great start to a new hire

Set your new veterinary team member up for success—and a long-term commitment to your practice—with these helpful tips.

Client communication strategies

Two strategies for bringing more feline patients into your practice

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, DAVBP (feline practice), offers two ways to bring in those feline patients you haven’t seen in ages—or may have never seen.

Posts and tweets for adopting a pet

Use these Facebook posts and tweets to educate clients before they adopt a new pet.

Get exam room questions right with your veterinary clients

Elicit specific info the right way—especially about preventive care compliance—and you'll get more details and opportunities to educate.

Case study: 4 lessons from a departing veterinary client

The 'Mikes' of the veterinary world don't leave in a cloud of drama but quietly, thinking no one will miss them.

Discussing diagnostics: Your veterinary super power

You may not possess x-ray vision or super strength, but you can cultivate your powers of client communication to ensure the best care for pets.