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Apr 15, 2016

You could be the next dvm360/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year. All it takes is a short survey, a few thoughtful responses ... and, yes, a willingness to fight past your natural humility and tell us what you've done to make happy team members, to grow revenue and to create a healing environment in your veterinary practice. ...

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Community teamwork keeps stray pets current on vaccinations

Our veterinary hospital works with the city to improve the health of loose pets and vaccinate them before they’re released to their owners—or a new forever home. ...

Chip in to promote microchipping

Does the idea of lost pets get under your skin? Our veterinary practice barked up the right tree by offering free microchips at the Barking at the Moon Dog Festival—and created a lasting connection with our community that improved the business and boosted team morale. ...

I was a 23-year-old veterinary practice manager

This Practice Manager of the Year nominee shares her experience overseeing older, more experienced team members. ...

How I learned to stop worrying and love the heartworm test

This Practice Manager of the Year nominee sold her practice owners a plan for new vaccines and testing. The result? Practice revenue. ...

Gallery: The top 10 2015 Practice Manager of the Year nominees

The final winner of the Veterinary Economics contest, sponsored by VPI-Nationwide, will be announced at CVC Kansas City in August. For now, come see the contenders ... ...

Training and motivation

Why client surveys are important for a small veterinary practice

By Veronica Hanley

“How was your visit today?” at the reception desk simply isn’t enough to help your clinic and your team improve.

3 products for grooming perfection

By Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director

Veterinary medicine is tough, but grooming ain’t easy either. Make your favorite veterinary team member’s life a little easier with one (or all) of these new items.

Project you: Continuing education in kindness

By staff

Kindness and positivity in the workplace aren’t schmaltzy, starry-eyed ideals—they’re necessities if you want to perform your best. Here’s what the dvm360 editors have been reading, watching and doing to up their kindness quotient.

Client communication strategies

Invasion of the millennial pet owners

By Christine Shupe

Pew Research data puts the percentage of pet owners between the ages of 18 and 29 at 58 percent. That means more than half of today's pet owners belong to the generation of people who don't check voicemail, prefer texting to talking and are eager to share opinions and reviews online.

Front Desk Disasters, Episode 6: The Overly Friendly Flirter

By Rhonda the Receptionist

Sexual harassment is no joking matter. Whether you’re at the front desk like Rhonda or alone with a client in the exam room, you deserve to feel safe at work.

Handout: Why flea preventives are just worth it

By Ciera Miller, CVT

Convincing clients to invest in flea preventives BEFORE they spy a flea can be a touchy subject. Prevent the conversation from becoming too prickly with this handout.

Managing your time

Practice perfect: A matter of size?

By Christine Shupe

Is bigger better, smaller more streamlined, medium most manageable? VHMA set out to determine if the size of a practice can influence the quality of services, contentment of staff and a practice’s economic viability.

Laminate! It's magical!

By Kim Fish

Save the earth. Save money. Let plastic do the work for forms in your veterinary practice that get used over and over but don't need to be kept forever.

Plot your next career move

By Alex Espinosa

Don't be a pawn in your professional life. Take action and attack these four fantastic opportunities for team members ready to focus on better client and pet care.