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Training and motivation

Make the most of hard-working veterinary employees who won’t stay forever

This Practice Manager of the Year nominee tackled the elephant in the room and turned a hiring irritation into a morale booster.

The flea control toolkit

This toolkit delivers articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools all designed to make it as easy as possible to discuss flea control with your team and clients. (With an educational grant provided by Merck)

How I learned to stop worrying and love the heartworm test

This Practice Manager of the Year nominee sold her practice owners a plan for new vaccines and testing. The result? Practice revenue.

10 things you must do on a veterinary team member's first day

Don't throw them in and hope they swim. Share with your new client service representative or veterinary technician just how great their new colleagues, their new training program and their new practice really is. It all starts with a great first day ...

6 ways to stop wasting your time

Be creative in delegating, rethinking and streamlining veterinary practice tasks that too often bring you to a halt.

Client communication strategies

Work your way backwards to get pet owners in the door

Behavioral event modeling is a fancy business term for thinking about who will pay for a product or service in your veterinary hospital exam room—and thinking about how to get that person there in the first place.

Stop selling in the exam room—here’s how

Get veterinary clients to buy in to a recommended brand of pet insurance so you can focus on care.

Pinpointing veterinary acupuncture

Adopting acupuncture appeals to more clients and gives practices another tool in the toolbox.

6 reasons why the proposed Fairness to Pet Owners Act fails veterinary patients, practices

The legislation is a solution to a nonexistent problem, veterinary business consultant writes in an open letter to Congress.

The top 10 barriers to successfully preventing fleas

Don't let clients be fooled by fleas! Take 20 minutes in your next team meeting to discuss each of these barriers to flea prevention—and make a plan for better client communication about these pesky parasites.