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Training and motivation

Blog: Pet bites: Don’t be a hero in your veterinary practice

What you need to know to take the bite out of pet bites at your veterinary practice.

Saying 'no' to a veterinary pharmaceutical rep

This practice owner puts the kibosh on freebies to his veterinary team. Is that fair?

A tug of war over veterinary receptionist tasks

Q: What percentage of practices, large and small, would you say have the receptionist duties include taking the client into the exam room, pulling vaccines and filing and dispensing medications from the veterinarian at the end of the office visit? I feel it’s a lot of work for the front office team and takes them away from the phones and reception desk. The practice owner feels it would increase the payroll percentage too much for a technician to do.—Overworked

Scripting the spay and neuter issue

Veterinary receptionists can use this collection of sample scripts to prepare for difficult client questions about spays and neuters.

Get staff buy-in and reduce veterinary team turnover

Staff turnover is a costly waste of your team's time.

Client communication strategies

Posts and tweets promoting pet safety on Halloween

Help your veterinary clients forget the fright and keep pets safe this Halloween.

The spay & neuter toolkit

Articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools all designed to make it easy to discuss veterinary care for pets with your team and clients.

Checklist: How to add value to an ovariohysterectomy visit

Follow these steps to add value to the service you offer clients and demonstrate how well your veterinary practice cares for pets.

Create a blueprint for your veterinarian-pet-client relationship

Sketching out a plan for your relationship with the pet and the owner helps create a lasting bond.

'Fairness to pet owners' can be a good thing

Don't waste your valuable time feeling insulted by legislation targeting the veterinary industry—do something about it.