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Training and motivation

Veterinary Economics board member Bob Levoy passes away

Renowned speaker and writer bridged the worlds of human healthcare and veterinary medicine.

Ask Shawn: We're sick of chronic absenteeism

Shawn McVey counsels a manager who's struggling with a veterinary technician and receptionist who frequently call in sick.

This standard sexual harassment policy protects veterinary practices

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission offers a template for veterinary practices' handbooks.

Ask Shawn: I can't fire my problem employee

Shawn McVey counsels a veterinary manager who's constantly second-guessed by her boss.

The heartworm toolkit

This toolkit delivers team training, free client handouts, exam room education strategies and more, all designed to make it as easy as possible for veterinarians and their teams to discuss heartworm disease with clients and promote year-round prevention in dogs and cats. (With an educational grant provided by Merck Animal Health)

Client communication strategies

Crazy clients, snappy patients: How should a veterinarian warn the team?

A code in the patient record could come back to haunt you.

Veterinarians: Your clients are going to Google with these cat questions

Search engine shares the top 10 questions people asked about dogs and cats in 2014.

Henry Schein launches new client communication tool during WVC

Rapport features online appointment scheduling, automated reminders, website building.

Is your veterinary practice missing opportunities with senior patients?

Paying attention to this segment of your client base is important to clients and business.

What are dog owners asking "Dr. Google?"

Eye opening information about what your clients are researching.