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The dvm360 Leadership Challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Toxic Teams - Jan 23, 2017

Can't we all just get along? (And what do you do when the answer is no?) This dvm360 Leadership Challenge investigates the sources of this poison and offers commentary, data and solutions to help teams dismantle their destructive forces. ...

Tips and insights from 2015 Practice Manager of the Year finalists

Community teamwork keeps stray pets current on vaccinations

Our veterinary hospital works with the city to improve the health of loose pets and vaccinate them before they’re released to their owners—or a new forever home. ...

Chip in to promote microchipping

Does the idea of lost pets get under your skin? Our veterinary practice barked up the right tree by offering free microchips at the Barking at the Moon Dog Festival—and created a lasting connection with our community that improved the business and boosted team morale. ...

I was a 23-year-old veterinary practice manager

This Practice Manager of the Year nominee shares her experience overseeing older, more experienced team members. ...

How I learned to stop worrying and love the heartworm test

This Practice Manager of the Year nominee sold her practice owners a plan for new vaccines and testing. The result? Practice revenue. ...

Gallery: The top 10 2015 Practice Manager of the Year nominees

The final winner of the Veterinary Economics contest, sponsored by VPI-Nationwide, will be announced at CVC Kansas City in August. For now, come see the contenders ... ...

Training and motivation

Is your wellness plan strategy ailing?

By Kelly Capasso

If talking wellness plans makes you yawn or cringe, just imagine how your clients feel! Freshen your approach—and your marketing—to help more patients receive high-quality veterinary care.

What conflict? Where?

By staff

Almost three-quarters of veterinary practice owners and managers think they’ve got a clear picture of their hospital’s culture -- and roughly half think they’re doing a good job at managing team conflict. The rest of the team? Judge for yourself, but it’s like the bosses might be digging themselves a hole.

The pain control toolkit

By staff

Recognition and management of pain in pets is everyone's job in veterinary practice, right? We think so—there's just no getting around it. Use these tools to help clients recognize pain in their pets, to help you treat it and to help educate the entire practice on caring for pets in pain. (With an educational grant by Elanco)

Client communication strategies

You need a Client Communication Coordinator

By Kyle Palmer, CVT

Who has time to send smartphone texts, send and receive medical records, manage online appointments and send patient updates and cute pics to information-hungry pet owners? Here's why I think everyone needs this new client-facing team member in their veterinary practice.

Seamless solutions for difficult parasite prevention scenarios

By Jenna Stregowski, RVT

Sew up parasite prevention gaps with these tailored tips to target a range of veterinary clients.

Breeders: Basically a DVM, right?

By Veronica Hanley

Kidding! But we know clients tend to religiously follow their breeder's recommendations. Let's realize whether or not they are following the breeder blindly through good communication—not arguing.

Managing your time

5 money myths that don’t pay off

By Hilal Dogan, BVSc

From “Time is money” to “Money can’t buy happiness,”, here are some huge money-centered myths that I believe veterinary associates should cash out soon

Competing clinics: Sharing is caring

By Veronica Hanley

Rather than label the neighboring veterinary clinic Enemy No. 1, consider banding together to eliminate a shared threat.

Do you have a practice software wizard?

By Hannah Wagle, Assistant Content Specialist

You know the type: the veterinary team members with magical abilities, who know the ins and outs of your clinic’s software. Here are some top tips we’ve heard from some of these mysterious heroes.