Veterinary Care: Discount discussions

Here's what to say when veterinary clients ask for a discount.
Oct 01, 2011
By staff

These days everyone's stretching their dollars, and some clients aren't shy about pressing you for discounts. The best solution? Practice a little compassion, says Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member Debbie Gair, CVPM.

For example, Gair says you might say, "We appreciate that veterinary care can be expensive. We also appreciate that you want to do the best for (pet's name). Let's discuss a few options you can consider to provide (pet's name) with excellent medical care and still stay within your budget."

Next, you might suggest breaking up the pet's medical care into reasonable chunks to space out the expense. This also opens the door to discuss payment options your practice may offer, including payment plans, Gair says. Just remember to exercise good judgment about who's eligible to participate in your practice's payment plan.