Vet-spiration: Don't worry, get happy with your weekly dose of motivation from the veterinary world

Vet-spiration: Don't worry, get happy with your weekly dose of motivation from the veterinary world
Jul 18, 2014
By staff
1. Wildlife rescue operations

We appreciate volunteers who spend their days, nights and weekends helping animals in need. This little robin was rescued after a run in with a cat and was fostered by Operation Wildlife, a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Kansas.

2. The comfort of pets

@JodiUmo, a registered veterinary technician, recently tweeted us this darling picture of Princess (AKA Wiggle Butt). Jodi was reading the article, “Finding the Sunshine in Euthanasia.” When Jodi got teary over the story, Princess noticed, and Jodi snapped this pic of her pooch serving up a healthy dose of puppy love and comfort. Way to go, Princess!

3. Meaningful goodbyes

Dr. Mary Gardner, cofounder of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and In-home Euthanasia, shares the beauty of peaceful goodbyes every day. Here, she helps Chasie, a sweet 5-year-old dog with a nasal tumor, cross over the Rainbow Bridge from his favorite place—the car.

4. Hospital Designs with team comfort in mind

Whether it’s comfortable chairs in the break room or a covered porch to fly to for a moment’s peace when the day gets busy, we’re digging the styles that serve up a dose of team spirit. Employees at Morningside Animal Hospital in Port Saint Lucie, Fla., relax and enjoy a covered second-floor porch during breaks. See some amazing designs that keep the team in mind here. Photo courtesy of Thomas Winter, Thomas Winter Photography.

5. Pets that find their furrever homes

”Duke came into my life about one and a half years ago,” writes Dr. Colleran of VCA Seaside Animal Hospital in Calabash, N.C. “He came into my life with perfect timing. I was still healing from assisting my previous furry child in her passage to the Rainbow Bridge. I knew when the time was right, the Universe would send me another companion, and it was Duke. I am his fourth home, through no fault of his own, but rather the life circumstances of his previous Guardians. I came to know him through his third Guardians. They were a young couple with two small children, and they just weren't financially capable of supporting a dog as well. I knew when I first met him that they were having some troubles and that he would wind up with me. I just wasn't sure how long it would take. It was probably six to seven months later that they relinquished him to me, and we have never looked back.”

Duke was lucky to find his furrever home, and you can match more pets with their people with the advice here.

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