Vaccinations: what's your role?

Vaccinations: what's your role?

To make sure vaccinations don't slip through the cracks, consider this advice from Firstline board member Pam Weakley:
Apr 01, 2013
By staff


Check the patient's record to see whether any vaccines are due. You can also review the vaccine records of all the client's pets and send reminder cards and so on. Some practice management software programs will automatically show vaccine reminders so you can ask the client to schedule vaccines too.

Technicians and veterinary assistants:

As they enter the exam room, talk with clients about the vaccinations the doctor recommends. You'll also check the pet record for any vaccines that are due, prepare the vaccines for the doctor to administer, and answer any questions the client shares.

Practice manager:

You're responsible for carrying out the practice owner's decisions. You need to have a complete understanding of the protocols so you can explain them to new team members and answer questions from both team members and clients.


The practice owner will set the protocol. Then all doctors make sure pets are vaccinated according to the protocol. You'll also talk with the client about the importance of vaccines—and regular exams between vaccines. Finally, you will double-check records and, with the owner's permission, administer any vaccines that are due.