Uncover your online reputation

Uncover your online reputation

Use these websites to see what the Web says about you.
Dec 01, 2010


This is one of the easiest ways to secure a general idea about what's being said about you on the Web. This search engine scans all major online communities, mailing lists, and blogs for your assigned keywords and delivers updates directly to your email address.


This micro-blogging service allows you to search in realtime, pulling up the most recent posts. Tip: Sign up for an account under your name to prevent someone else from masquerading as you.


This free blogwatch service does a great job of monitoring what's being said and keeping track of newly created blogs. BlogPulse.com is another notable blogwatch service.


This search engine monitors online forums and boards for you. You can receive the general buzz from all message boards or tailor your results to your own keywords.


This search engine tracks keywords, including names, that are being used as tags on the Web. For the tech-savvy: The site even lets you generate your own tags.

Other tools

Other free reputation management tools to check out include SeekingAlpha.com, which tracks the postings of conference call transcripts on websites; Google.com/trends, which tracks the most popular keyword searches; and SearchAnalytics.Compete.com, which tracks the top website referrals for any keyword search.

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