Turn up the dial on client education

Turn up the dial on client education

Jan 01, 2008

Q When I discuss client education topics, I feel like clients are tuning me out. How can I make them listen?

Pamela Stevenson
Engage clients with questions like, "How did you choose Sparky?" says Pamela Stevenson, CVPM, a consultant with Veterinary Results Management in Durham, N.C. Find out what they know about pet care and their past pet experiences to discover what information will pique their interest. Depending on clients' responses, you may discuss basic pet care or use their previous experiences as a stepping stone to an in-depth conversation.

For example, to capture new pet parents' attention, use a visual aid that highlights their pet's average life span. Note your care recommendations, such as nail trims every six to eight weeks, regular baths, and teeth cleaning. Include the price for these services if you offer them. Simple tips about how to save money and hassle with frequent foot handling, obedience training, and tooth brushing will certainly get their attention.

"By tailoring information to their interests, you'll be the center of clients' attention every time," Stevenson says.