Top animal-related Super Bowl commercials of 2013

Top animal-related Super Bowl commercials of 2013

Check out our favorite Super Bowl commercials featuring cute animals.
Feb 04, 2013
By staff

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Animals were all over the Super Bowl commercials this year. See our top picks, choose your favorite, and tell us why you loved—or hated—it on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Budweiser — The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood"

A tearjerker of a man's relationship with his Clydesdale.

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2. Wolf

That wolf pup was much cuter before the mom showed up.

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3. Doritos: Goat for sale

Don't buy this goat.

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4. Skechers: Man vs Cheetah

Gazelle: Man's new best friend.

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5. Beck's Sapphire

A fish serenades ... A bottle of beer .

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6. Axe Apollo: Lifeguard

He beat up a shark but didn't win the girl.