Top 10 skin allergy symptoms

Top 10 skin allergy symptoms

Jun 01, 2009

Here’s an example of symptom No. 5. For more helpful photos of dermatology cases, click here. (Photo courtesy of Allergy, Skin and Ear Clinic for Pets in Livonia, Mich.)
Dogs and cats don't react to allergies the way people do. While human patients raise a racket by sneezing, hacking, and constantly clearing their throats, pets usually suffer in silence. But that doesn't mean there aren't clear signs to catch. Here are the top 10 visual cues to allergies clients and team members should watch for.

1. Excessive licking, itching, or head shaking if the ears are involved

2. Odor (ears or generalized)

3. Ear discharge

4. Inflamed, bleeding, or copper-stained paws

5. Alopecia (loss of hair)

6. Circular crusting lesions

7. Red pimples

8. Oily or greasy skin

9. Thickened, leathery skin

10. Scaly or red skin