Top 10 reasons veterinary team members love their jobs

Nov 07, 2010
By staff

Veterinary team members attending CVC San Diego shared the main reason they love going to work every day. Hear what they had to say, then think about all the reasons your own job makes you smile.

Who's in the video
10. Katie Sullivan Towson, Md.
9. Alan Schrope, MBA, CVPM Tucson, Ariz.
8. Giselle Gutknecht Portland, Ore.
7. Sandy Pomraning, RVT San Diego
6. Rebecca Evans Tempe, Ariz.
5. Christina Danser, RVT Delmont, Pa.
4. Carrie Addams Riverside, Calif.
3. Juliana Jimenez Buckeye, Ariz.
2. Lisa Schrope, CVT Green Valley, Ariz.
1. The team at Otay Pet Vets Chula Vista, Calif.