Top 10 places for veterinary teams to check out on Google+

Top 10 places for veterinary teams to check out on Google+

Have a Google+ account but rarely use it? Check out these pages for some inspiration.
Jun 24, 2013
By staff

According to the 2013 Veterinary Economics Business Issues Survey, 20 percent of people who work in the veterinary field have a personal Google+ account. You’re there—now what?

Here are 10 Google+ things to “circle” when spending some quality time with your computer.

1. Are you a nerd? Check out Google Science Fair to stay up-to-date about what's going on in the hard sciences.

2. Having a long day at work? Maybe these two pages will help. These pages of cats and dogs could lighten a stressful day.

3. Want a community of team members to chat with beyond your practice? Jump into the Veterinary community.

4. Using social media to the best of your ability? See what others are doing on Veterinary Social Media.

5. Just searching ‘Veterinary’ on Google+ pulls up a ton of information related to your interests.

6. If you need a refresher on marketing strategies, check out Veterinary Marketing School.

7. Want a place to discuss veterinary team member topics? Check out the Veterinary tech/kennel technicians page.

8. Along with all the adorable pictures on Veterinary Canine and Feline Pediatrics, you can discuss pediatric health issues!

9. And of course make sure to check out dvm360 to stay updated on the latest news, tips and memes.

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