The top 10 barriers to successfully preventing fleas

The top 10 barriers to successfully preventing fleas

Don't let clients be fooled by fleas! Take 20 minutes in your next team meeting to discuss each of these barriers to flea prevention—and make a plan for better client communication about these pesky parasites.
Jun 25, 2015
By staff

For clients, for veterinary teams, and for pets especially: Fleas are frustrating! So how does your team stay on top of these nasty parasites while also making sure that your recommendations are truly heard and understood by your clients? It's going to take the whole veterinary team.

At your next team meeting, try this exercise (or go here for a handy guide). Take two minutes (set a timer if you have to!) and talk about each of the following myths that lead clients to the wrong impressions about fleas. Then, discuss among your team how to best address these barriers to successful flea prevention.











Fleas can wreak havoc on the lives of healthy pets—and it's incredibly important that your clients aren't operating under the wrong assumptions when it comes to flea prevention.

Think you're ready to try this team exercise at your next meeting? Download and print this handy team-meeting guide to help you and your team align your flea prevention recommendations today.