Top 10 animal-related Super Bowl commercials

Top 10 animal-related Super Bowl commercials

Did you catch these animals during the Super Bowl breaks?
Feb 06, 2012
By staff

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Animals were a huge theme for the Super Bowl commercials this year.

Watch the top 10, pick your favorite—then see what your colleagues picked here.

1. Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back

Canine obesity—a timely topic. But catch the surprise ending...

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2. Bud Light: "Weego" the Rescue Dog

Reaping the benefits of dog adoption—and lots of dog training.

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3. Volkswagen: The Bark Side

A canine chorus a la John Williams.

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4. Sketchers: Go Run with Mr. Quiggly

Greyhounds have nothing on bulldogs, with the right paw wear.

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5. Coke: Catch

Catch-as-catch-can, or bottle.

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6. Coke: Superstition

Game-day rituals can cause some inconveniences.

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7. Hyundai: Cheetah

A good idea to show off some speed goes awry.

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8. Metlife: Everyone

All your favorite cartoon critters show up for this one.

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9. Doritos: Man's Best Friend

What's a little secret among best buds?

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10. Business Trip

The chimps are back and taking their monkey business on the road.

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Don't forget to pick your favorite commercial and see what others have picked here.

And for those of you more inclined to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, here we go:

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