Tooth truths: Even more ways to boost client dental compliance

Feb 01, 2010
By staff

When the veterinarian is the only one excited about dental health at your practice, it’s like a single cheerleader on the sidelines: lonely and ineffective. But when you all cheer for chompers—with smiles, if not the high kicks and pompoms—your practice’s morale, medicine, and client compliance all receive a game-winning boost.

To celebrate Pet Dental Health Month, Firstline has created this package of brand-new pro-compliance tips and advice to polish your practice’s dental care protocols and marketing to a pearly white sheen.

> Study the part you play in dental care and client compliance in “How every team member cares for teeth.”

> Start your team on the right tooth, err, foot with this sample list of “10 ideas for increasing your dental services.”

> Talk up the importance of healthy pet mouths in your clinic and your community with “8 methods to market dental care.”

> Follow these ideas for getting clients and fellow team members on board with dental care in “5 ways to boost your practice’s dental program.”

Let’s go, team. That plaque won’t scrape itself.