Technician appointments: Do your part, and reap the rewards

Technician appointments: Do your part, and reap the rewards

Every team member has a part to play in starting technician appointments at your practice.
Mar 01, 2010
By staff

To ensure technician appointments benefit everyone, each team member must be checked in.

Receptionists: Knowing which appointments are appropriate for technicians to handle is vitally important. Be sure you're clear on your practice's policies. Also, as you schedule technician appointments, be sure to tell clients they'll be seeing a technician rather than a doctor.

Veterinary assistants: Many practices enlist the help of veterinary assistants during technician appointments. You could take a thorough history, prepare necessary tools, and more.

Technicians: You'll be seeing patients, of course. To ensure you excel, keep your skills up to date through continuing education, and work to perfect your bedside manner. Also be sure to communicate your medical qualifications to clients, and talk with doctors about how to handle an appointment that should transition into a doctor visit.

Practice managers: Organizing the schedule is key. Most practices that use these visits successfully identify a specific technician to handle them each day. Be sure you don't overschedule this technician, or the benefit of shorter client wait times will be negated.