Team members' top 10 frustrations in veterinary practice

Team members' top 10 frustrations in veterinary practice

Low pay and lack of benefits topped the list of team members' biggest frustrations in veterinary practice in 2013.
Feb 03, 2014
By staff

Money is on the minds of veterinary team members, whether it’s how much—or little—they’re making or frustration over economic conditions that make it difficult for clients to afford all the care their pets need, according to results from the 2013 Firstline Veterinary Team Trends Study. Team members also expressed concern about the high cost their practice incurs doing business and keeping finances in line. Consider this list of their Top 10 frustrations in veterinary practice:

1. Low pay and lack of benefits

2. Clients who can’t afford care

3. Noncompliant clients

4. High cost of doing business and keeping practice finances in line

5. Not enough time to complete duties

6. The poor economy

7. Co-workers who cause conflicts or have bad attitudes

8. Clients who complain about the cost of veterinary care and don’t understand the value of the service we offer

9. High turnover and lack of qualified candidates

10. Difficult clients

Also high on the list were concerns about technicians failing to be recognized for their credentials, the lack of communication in practice and doctors’ resistance to change.