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Team Center - Continuing Education

FIRSTLINE: Mar 01, 2007
By staff
Firstline gathered a group of consultants to discuss how to keep technicians in the profession.
Jul 26, 2006
Are you ready to rekindle your love affair with your job? Do you need tips to work more effectively as a team, offer out-of-this world client service, or deal with your biggest frustrations in practice? We’d love to help. And that’s why we’re jazzed about Firstline Live, a team training event designed to give you the same kind of high-energy advice and inspiration we deliver in Firstline—except in person.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 01, 2006
Tired of reseeding with new hires every year? It's time to cultivate perennials.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 01, 2006
Take one team, add some training, and mix in a little fun. It's a recipe for success!
FIRSTLINE: Oct 01, 2005
Don't let that next phone call be the client who got away. Use these tips from Sally Hickey, a receptionist at Short Pump Animal Hospital in Richmond, Va.
FIRSTLINE: Aug 01, 2005
Whether you answer the phone twice a day or twice a minute, these tips will help you handle a range of calls with finesse and keep conflict with clients to a minimum.