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Team Center - Client Conflict

FIRSTLINE: May 18, 2016
Sexual harassment is no joking matter. Whether you’re at the front desk like Rhonda or alone with a client in the exam room, you deserve to feel safe at work.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 21, 2016
Don't be a pawn in your professional life. Take action and attack these four fantastic opportunities for team members ready to focus on better client and pet care.
FIRSTLINE: Feb 04, 2016
DYK? Many clients who use Dr. Google aren’t sorry.
FIRSTLINE: Feb 01, 2016
Confess: Are you frustrated by the high-demand, Google-happy discount divas and snapchat skeptics who ask everyone before they consult the veterinarian? Here's help.
FIRSTLINE: Jan 11, 2016
Like a sore tooth, some conversations with clients are downright painful—especially when you discover who they've been trusting with their pets' oral health.
FIRSTLINE: Dec 09, 2015
Rhonda the receptionist dodges and weaves around a client’s questions about the preanesthetic consent form and gives confusing information. Special Guest Star Mary Berg, BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (dentistry).
FIRSTLINE: Oct 29, 2015
She left you. You're sad, a little hurt and you'll miss her ... sweet schnauzer's snuggles? Use this simple guide to see if you can repair your relationship before your veterinary client moves on to a new relationship with that tall, dark and dreamy veterinary practice down the street.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 23, 2015
She flies into your veterinary exam room, a whirling fury of claws and teeth. And if you can just get her to chill out, you might get her cat to relax too.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 08, 2015
Maybe you’re used to cleaning up pet piddle puddles at your veterinary practice, but what do you do when the pee isn’t the pet’s?
FIRSTLINE: Sep 23, 2015
OK, nothing really beats a box of kittens, but free team training is almost as nice—just a little less furry (and it doesn’t shed).
FIRSTLINE: Sep 16, 2015
A very confused client can blast a diagnosis conversation into the stratosphere, leaving you in thin air.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 08, 2015
Sometimes client conversations take a horrifying turn. Practice taking control of these discussions.
Jun 01, 2015
By staff
Tips, tools and resources to help you have mindful, meaningful end-of-life discussions with pet owners.
FIRSTLINE: May 28, 2015
Disaster strikes during a routine veterinary appointment when the client resists the practice's vaccine recommendations. What would you do?