Study: Credentialed technicians do wonders for practice revenue

Need a motivational boost? If you're a licensed, registered, or certified veterinary technician, you could be worth big bucks to your practice.
May 04, 2010
By staff

Veterinarians are known for generating revenue, but credentialed veterinary technicians also are extremely valuable to a practice, according to the recently released 2009 AVMA Report on Veterinary Practice Business Measures. The report says the average veterinarian’s gross revenue increases by $93,311 for each additional credentialed veterinary technician per veterinarian. Each noncredentialed technician brings in about $6,000 per technician per veterinarian.

To get these features, researchers analyzed data from the 2008 AVMA Biennial Economic Survey of 328 U.S. veterinarians in all work categories. According to the report, one of the biggest reasons for the revenue spike is that technicians with greater skill sets can take over certain tasks, freeing veterinarians to do other profit-generating work.

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