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Skill builders for technicians

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Sep 12, 2018
Stress on the job can be a good thing. It means you care about patients and clients, and it can help you do your best work. But out-of-control stress can harm your emotional well-being and physical body. Here are tips to manage your own stress and share that knowledge with your team.
VETTED: Sep 04, 2018
... they'd be a fairy tale of pet-care happy endings, or a horror movie about not enough, or too much, on the shelves. Here are short answers to five frequently asked inventory questions you can share with everyone on your hospital team that can help explain the importance of inventory management in a pet hospital and get the basics right.
FIRSTLINE: Aug 28, 2018
Many veterinary professionals fear self-care. I saw, firsthand, at a Fetch dvm360 conference how those who tried yoga or meditation seemed to smile a little easier and to share a little more with their peers.
FIRSTLINE: Aug 08, 2018
An original Veterinary Anesthesia Nerd says 'that's just the way we've always done it' is a bad basis for anesthetic protocols.
VETTED: Jun 26, 2018
Ed Durham, author of a new veterinary cardiology textbook for technicians, has a passion for his specialty, for education and for empowering his peers to do more.
VETTED: Jun 11, 2018
Missed Fetch dvm360 in Virginia Beach, or didn't make it to these sessions? Here's a taste of veterinary practice management and medicine tips all over the place at the show ...
FIRSTLINE: May 04, 2018
Keep giants gentle during veterinary care by eliminating these sources of fear, anxiety, stress and pain.
Apr 03, 2018
School fully prepared me to be a great veterinary technician. But what happened after graduation changed my life.
By staff
Probably. Run some quick and easy math for your veterinary practice and your financials using these basic calculations in this printable PDF.
FIRSTLINE: Jan 02, 2018
When the winds of change blow through your practice—or your life—embrace the chance to explore new advances in medicine, new opportunities for your career and new possibilities for your life.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 14, 2017
From head to toe to exam-room ready, here’s everything a veterinary tech needs to get through a day.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 24, 2017
Veterinary professionals band together to help hundreds of street dogs in Ecuador in need of care.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 13, 2017
Technicians—doctors need your help in detecting osteoarthritis in your veterinary patients. Here’s how to become an OA advocate in your clinic.
FIRSTLINE: Aug 31, 2017
Sharp curettes and scalers are better for your team and your patients. Follow this step-by-step guide for getting your dental instruments in sharp shape.
VETTED: Aug 07, 2017
If you take emotional responsibility for everyone else's problems, putting their monkeys on your back and in your mind, you'll have a hard time finding room for your own needs at the end of the veterinary workday.