Self-test: Got the skills to be your boss's favorite?

Self-test: Got the skills to be your boss's favorite?

Take this quick quiz to see if you’re stacking up the skills that will get you noticed at your veterinary practice.
Sep 24, 2015

Our hospital has a staff of outstanding team members. My confession: A few stand out from the rest and are my “favorites.” I understand we’re not supposed to use the term “favorites,” but I’m going to use it for the sake of this article. So what’s different about my favorite employees? What makes them stand out from all of our other really good employees? The difference is, they “own it.” Here are the skills they possess. Take the three-part “Own it” quiz below and see how you measure up. 


When you finish, total your score for all three sections. If it’s more than 15, click here and download your free certificate.

Bottom line: My hospital is very lucky with our current team. All of our employees exhibit many of these qualities, and I have a hospital full of favorites. Yay, team! 

Kristine Suszczynski is the hospital manager at Portland Veterinary Specialists in Portland, Maine.