Say you're sorry

Sep 01, 2006
By staff

Everyone goofs up sometimes. But a well-worded apology can help head off some potentially explosive client eruptions. Try these tips to keep your apology sincere and professional:

  • Start by apologizing. Acknowledge your mistake and how it affected the client and his or her pet.
  • Cut the excuses and the blame. You sap the sincerity out of "I'm sorry" when you follow it up with a "but."
  • Identify what you'll change. Clients will know you're serious if you tell them what you plan to do to avoid a similar mistake in the future. For example, "Mrs. Smith, I'm so sorry we forgot to bathe Lady while she was boarding with us. I'd like to give you a coupon for a free bath, which you can use at your convenience. And next time Lady stays with us, we'll make sure her bath is scheduled in our computer system."